DRNT Disclaimer (Read This)


Sorry, but we have to state the obvious: Riding and being around motorcycles and bikers pose inherent risks. By attending any DRNT (Dedicated Riders of North Texas) event or other entity’s event posted on our calendar, you and any guests you bring agree to this disclaimer (you are responsible for making sure your guests are aware of this disclaimer), assume all risk, liability and responsibility for your safety and well-being, and agree not to hold the Group Organizer, Assistant Organizers,Sponsors, Members, or any one attending our events responsible or liable in any way should an injury or death occur. No one is responsible for you but you. No member is designated a certified instructor, or has gone through any screening, safety or certification process of any kind to join this social group or attend any event listed on the calendar. Some events on our calendar are run by other organizations, and you are additionally bound by any and all of their rules and requirements. Should injury or death occur at any of said other events, you will not hold this Groups Organizer, Assistant Organizers, Sponsors, Members or any one at said event liable or responsible in any way. You agreed to this disclaimer by accessing this Meet Up site, and by choosing to attend any event posted on our calendar. DRNT is intended to be a social networking tool for people who enjoy riding motorcycles.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages anytime between the start and end of one of our riding events will not be allowed. You will be asked to leave the group at that time and make your way home by yourself.

Specific details of this policy are posted on our discussion board. Make sure you read them and acknowledge having read them in an e mail to the DRNT Organizer once you have been approved for membership.

Controlled substances/dope are absolutely not allowed at anytime at any of our events.


You understand and consent as a member or a guest at any DRNT event to irrevocably release any photography, video film or audio recording made by another member or guest at our events to the videographer. You agree that these materials are the property of the videographer who may sell or assign the right to use these images to another third party. You agree to the use/assignment of these materials on the DRNT website.

With that said… let the fun begin.